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Welcome to Girl Director’s Mastermind – Online Training, Group Q&As, 1-on-1 Mentoring and Live Events where we teach you Video Production, Marketing Strategy and Mindset for Business. It’s all about Implementation and Accountability so you can Be Seen, Transform and Change The World… with your business or movement… or both!

Bonus Programs For Mastermind Members


The Light Bulb Principle Sales Training

Learn the step-by-step process that Rachel, CEO of GD, uses to grow her own business. A method that is particularly loved by creatives and spiritual people. This is for you if you don't like the hard, manipulative style of selling that is used by so many coaches these days.

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Video Storytelling for Business

Ever wanted to know why some videos speak to you, while others don't? In this training you will learn the SECRETS TO MAKING COMPELLING AND ENGAGING VIDEOS WITH STORYTELLING. This is where you will learn how to really stand out from the rest!

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How To Make A Music Video

Have you ever wanted to direct Music Videos? Whether it's for your own band or as a professional director, or even as an entrepreneur who wants to stand out from the rest... this course is for you!

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