FCPX Module 3

AGENDA: Review & Recap  Handbrake Captions / Subtitles Green Screen Simple Colour Grading incl. brightening up reds etc. Pasting Attributes Retiming Expanding Audio The Trimming Tool Relinking Dropped files Q&A

FCPX Module 2

AGENDA: Review & Recap  Showing a completed project Radio Edit -> B-Roll -> finished with music etc. Adding Magic = B-Roll Sizing your footage & images The Inspector More on Transitions -> moving, dragging, lengthening Adding Music Effects Adding Titles Exporting Your Finished Video Homework

FCPX Module 1

AGENDA: Introduction & Cheat Sheets What’s Possible Editing Process Overview Final Cut Interface Workflow Preparation Create a Library & Project Initial Audio Settings Basic Edits The Radio Edit Transitions Homework

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