Lights, Camera, Clients: Video Marketing Workshop For Coaches


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Thursday 8th June 2023
Time (for your timezone):
  • Australia: 10am – 12pm (AEST)
  • Thailand and Bali: 7 – 9am (ICT) & 8 – 10am (WITA)
  • USA: 5 – 7pm (PDT) & 8 – 10pm (EDT)

Lights, Camera, Clients: Video Marketing Workshop For Coaches

A workshop on video marketing for Coaches

What kind of coaches? Life coaches, business coaches, spiritual coaches, health coaches, wealth coaches, mindset coaches, shamanic coaches, video coaches, money coaches, specialist business coaches… Whatever you coach in, this workshop is for you…

In every single coaching, business, launch, or membership course you’ve done, I bet you were told to make a video… Whether it is with Marie Forleo, Jeff Walker, or any of the incredible coaches out there.

But the one thing we find over and over is no one tells you exactly how. Until now!

How do you create video content to generate sales? How do you speak on camera with authority and say something different than the other 5000 coaches out there?

How do you learn the most important tool for your coaching business and save a whole lot of time and money in stuffing around?

Join this workshop and find out how!

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