The Light Bulb Principle Sales Training


The Light Bulb Principle Sales Training

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Do you struggle with selling your own products? Do you hate the way so many online coaches do that hard sell, that manipulation that feels so irksome? I do too.

Hi, my name is Rachel Dunn, and I’m the founder of Girl Director. I have been selling our programs and other company’s services for many years now. I’ve spent hours speaking to thousand people over the years and through that process, I’ve learnt a thing or two about sales… I’ve also done some of the most intense sales training there is and one thing I learnt from that was how I NEVER WANTED to sell.

It’s a common thing for Creatives and Sensitive people – spiritual coaches and psychics – musicians and big thinkers to hate selling. And that’s why I created this course. After so many years of developing strong relationships with people on the phone, I had a download one day – a revelation – of exactly how such people can sell and feel comfortable doing it…

So that’s what this training is all about. You are going to learn my Light Bulb Principle for selling your services. You’re going to love it!

Add it to your cart and get started today… I’ll see you on the inside!

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