Video Brand Alchemy – Live Course – Upfront


The course starts 7pm AEST, Monday 1st August 2022 and goes for 6 weeks.

Create a brand online that you are proud of. From how you speak on camera and how you express who you are with your clothing, to your background and set design. Over 6 weeks you will be guided step by step through this highly creative, fun process.

Acclaimed director, Rachel Dunn, will be working with you every step of the way. You will have fun, valuable homework to submit each week and be amongst highly successful women who are doing big things in the world.

1 x Payment of $2,500 – automatically charged through your chosen payment method.

The course starts 7pm AEST, Monday 1st August 2022 and goes for 6 weeks.

It is time to be brave.
It is time to come together and do things that excite you and terrify you!
The things with a million unknowns.
The ideas and visions that seem crazy one moment and genius the next.
It’s time to break through that fear and get into action!
That’s we are about.
Chase down what you want until you have it.
Don’t let it go.
Do what you love because it disrupts the norm.
You are here to wake up the world!
Don’t just sit there doing what everyone else tells you to do. Put an end to the status quo and reshape your world forever.

Video Brand Alchemy

Are you ready to create your own Video Brand? Are you wanting to be the face of your brand?

Do you want to create something totally new and exciting?
Now is your chance to create your own brand for video and be guided through the process, step by step.

Hi, my name is Rachel Dunn, and I am the founder of Girl Director. My husband, Michael, and I have been running Girl Director Academy for the past 9 years. We also have a video production agency where we direct epic video content for thought leaders. Before that I was a film and video director of TV advertising and music videos. There is so much more available for you than you know.

This is about a lot more than a few pretty Canva graphics and nice fonts that match. You will walk away with a deep knowing about why you post videos and what you want to post about. You’ll have 5 camera ready outfits, know how to easily find outfits matching your style, learn why style for camera is different to the normal day-to-day. You will create a set like you’re in Hollywood and know what props are key when designing your space. You’ll know how to find the best locations to match your brand. You will learn how to talk about what you do on camera clearly and confidently. You will have a lesson with a TV/Movie Stylist to help you find your new image, and so much more.

Every week you will have training and exercises to perform. It’s going to be lots of fun, with you drawing on the most favourite parts of yourself!

So right now if you are after a community that is going to assist you in growing from awkward and not liking yourself on camera to SCREAMING from the rafters with amazing videos you are frickin’ excited about sharing, WITH all the love, tenderness and support – and care that you actually need as a human being along the way – then welcome home.

Once payment is received you will receive an email where you will be invited into our special Facebook group where the training will take place. Your next instructions will begin when you enter the group… 🙂

See you on the inside!

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