Video Storytelling for Business


Video Storytelling for Business

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Have you ever wanted to know why some videos speak to you, while others don’t? It’s one thing making a catchy, well designed marketing video, but it’s another to know how to DRAW PEOPLE IN and ENGAGE THEM enough so they want to Follow you and buy from you!

So what is this secret sauce? It’s Storytelling! It’s what Hollywood, big brands and super successful online marketers use all the time… But what you need to understand is that there’s a science to it… And this program is where you’re going to learn just that!

In this unique training program, you are going to go right inside an exclusive, highly visual training session that Rachel and Michael have created for their clients. Rachel and Michael are are not only video experts and the founders of Girl Director, they are also excellent storytellers and they are going to tell you all of their secrets! It’s a lot of fun, it’s full of examples and templates you can use, and… it’s very inspiring! So get the program now and get started in making your own videos that really Stand Out above the rest!

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