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Girl Director Academy
General Terms and Conditions
Girl Director Pty Ltd

Girl Director Academy is the training site owned and operated by Girl Director Pty Ltd. All terms and conditions relate to all courses purchased on the Girl Director Academy website.

The Program:

Girl Director Academy (GDA) coupled with its associated platforms and Social Media sites and Facebook Groups (hereafter referred to as the ‘program’) is designed to teach entrepreneurs and business owners (hereafter referred to as the ‘participant’ or ’participants’) in the art of making videos and video marketing; in particular for producing marketing products that are used in online videos, online programs, advertising and instructional videos to increase brand awareness and attract more customers. These techniques can also be applied implicitly to making other kinds of videos such as documentaries, music videos and commercials. These Terms and Conditions apply worldwide and across all territories, geographical and legal.

Delivery Of The Program:

Girl Director Academy is an online training site made up of multiple training programs, all of different subject matters and lengths of delivery.

Each program is sold separately or bundled up with other programs. Each program is priced differently as a product through WooCommerce. You will find the pricing and details for each program on the shop page of this site at


Girl Director cannot guarantee any results or earnings from any of this program content as it is dependent on the ability of the participant, how much work they put in, the type of product they are selling, changes in the market and how much of the training (and coaching where applicable) the participant is prepared to take on and implement.

No Refunds Policy:

No refunds will be given on payments at any stage during the buying and participation process, regardless of the participants’ efforts, program content, results, breaks or change of mind. This applies to all products on this site.

Specific Terms and Conditions Relating to Certain Products:

Girl Director Academy – Access All Areas

What The Program Covers:

  1. Video shooting techniques – planning, filming, lighting and composition.
  2. Sound recording.
  3. Video editing including titles, transitions, mixing music, exporting, outsourcing and screen capturing.
  4. Special FX, design and branding basics.
  5. Makeup and wardrobe techniques for camera.
  6. How to market with these videos using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, landing pages, autoresponders and email marketing.
  7. How to grow the participant’s business and database, and how to market and sell to their list.
  8. Methods for creating marketing videos and documentaries that are targeted towards an audience aligned with the participants’ passions and values.
  9. How to present more effectively to camera, including coaching, mindset and techniques for improving confidence in front of the camera.
  10. Video format conversions and processing for web publication.
  11. How to design and build online programs to leverage the participant’s business using all of the above techniques.

We bring this all together so that the participant has a complete video marketing strategy and sales funnels, including ongoing testing, measuring and inclusion of new techniques and campaigns to achieve results.

How The Program is Delivered:

The participant is given the following during the term of their subscription:

  1. Full access to Girl Director Academy online training platform (see Section below),
  2. Full access to the private Girl Director Facebook Group.
  3. Weekly Group Lessons and Q&As, held on Zoom.

Girl Director Academy online training platform – Access All Areas:

Girl Director Academy is the name of our online training platform. It contains 12 sub-courses, each with multiple modules covering all areas of video production, marketing, branding, messaging, mindset, outsourcing and other training relevant to growing your business with video. GDA membership also includes bonus access to other Standalone Training Programs that are otherwise sold separately on the Girl Director Academy site. All content is delivered via prescriptive video tutorials, worksheets and templates going from the big picture, right down to the technical details.

All content can be accessed at any time and consumed methodically, as prescribed, or through jumping around to different sections as desired. (i.e. There is generally no drip-feed delivery of the content.) There is also a Search function available.

As part of your Q&As and group support, the program coaches will often guide you to sections of the program to watch.

What This Program Does Not Cover:

  1. It is not a life coaching or counselling program. Any group training is focused on supporting, facilitating and encouraging the participants to implement the training whilst answering questions relevant to the course content and the participants’ goals.
  2. It is not an in-depth training course in how to use any particular software programs, although relevant elements of particular programs will be taught during the program. For in-depth training in such programs, it is recommended that the participants consult the vendor of such software or other training schools that specialise in detailed software courses.
  3. This program does not cover filming, directing or scripting for dramatic films, TV shows or on-line drama.
  4. This is not, and we do not promote, any kind of ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

Who Can Participate In This Program:

Participation is restricted to participants who have paid through an agreed payment arrangement for the program. This does not include anyone else, such as business partners, associates, employees, life partners or families of the participant unless agreed to in writing with Girl Director.

When the participant pays for the program they will be given a membership to the Girl Director Academy training website for lifetime access. It is a condition that only the participant may use this logon, unless others are approved in writing by Girl Director.

Payment Arrangements:

Payments are to be made upfront or in monthly instalments according to the payment plan. Payment must be via Credit Card (or PayPal if requested). Credit card payments are made through our shopping cart via Keap or the Girl Director Academy site. Upfront payments can also be made via Direct Deposit. If you wish to pay by Direct Deposit, please contact us directly and we will provide you with an invoice and banking details.


If an invoice is not generated before payment, then Girl Director will provide an invoice after receipt of payment, showing that the payment has been received. The invoice will outline the amount paid and the time of Membership that the payment covers.

If the participant is on a monthly payment schedule and defaults on that payment schedule, they will be given a grace period of 7 days to make good on the payment. If, however, they do not bring the payment back into line within that time, their subscription to the program will be put on hold and their access to the online program revoked until payment is made and brought up-to-date and out of arrears. The participant will no longer be eligible for Q&As or Facebook Group access until payments are restarted. Once all payments are completed, the client will regain access to the program they have purchased, unless otherwise specified under the product description.

Breaks During Payment Schedules:

We do not recommend that the participant takes breaks during the start of their membership and all automated payments will continue to charge regardless. We do, however, understand that significant unforeseen circumstances can cause participants to need to take a break from payments. If this happens to you it is important that you communicate this with us so we can agree on an appropriate course of action. Any such breaks must be confirmed in writing.

Please note that such circumstances mentioned above are different to taking time out for holidays, as your business and marketing will still be running through that period, and so too will the services that Girl Director provides to the participant in the program and Facebook Group.

If the participant defaults on any payment schedule there will be no refunds given according to the No Refunds Policy outlined at the top of this document.

Keeping In Communication:

Whatever is happening for you, it is essential that you communicate with us so we can support you in the most appropriate way. Any agreements outside of these conditions will only be valid if Girl Director has put them in writing to the participant via email.

Copyright and Intellectual Property:

Girl Director, Girl Director Academy, Access All Areas, Take Your Business Online, The Ripple Effect Mastermind, Video Power, The Editing Bar, Video Active Learning, Video Residential, Video Thought Leaders, Camera Confidence and all other intellectual property, including program content, videos, graphics, audio, handouts and branding within the program materials on the various Girl Director and Girl Director Academy websites, plus other social media sites (including private Facebook Groups called Girl Director Academy, Girl Director Community, Girl Director’s Camera Confidence Training and Girl Director’s Video Power), is wholly owned by Girl Director Pty Ltd ABN 48 600 045 529.

All content of the program, whether emailed or downloaded from the Girl Director Academy website or social media sites, is the property of Girl Director and may not be copied, distributed, posted to anyone else’s site (unless a specific Share or Download option is provided), modified, transmitted, re-used, re-posted or plagiarised without written permission from Girl Director.

In particular, the Paid-For content of the Girl Director Academy site is considered sensitive information and any sharing of it or logon credentials to non-paying customers will be treated as a serious breach and will result in termination of membership and potential legal action.


It is essential that the participants respect the privacy and personal information of all other participants and facilitators of the program, especially in regards to anything that is posted on any of the Girl Director and Girl Director Academy sites, private Facebook Groups or mentioned during the group Q&A sessions.

Accuracy of Information:

Girl Director makes all efforts to provide accurate information on the websites and program content; however, it is not possible to guarantee its accuracy. Any use of the site and its information is at your own risk. Girl Director assumes no liability or responsibility for errors or omissions in the content.


Girl Director, including the owners and company directors, associates and anyone else who has helped create, produce, or deliver the content, are not liable for any damages suffered when the participants or anyone else uses them. In particular, our disclaimer includes direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages arising out of the participant’s access to, or use of, the site, program Facebook Groups and program materials. Without limiting the foregoing, everything on the Girl Director and Girl Director Academy sites, plus the program Facebook Groups, is provided to you ‘AS IS’ without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for purpose or non-infringement.


We may modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this document at any time and in our sole discretion by posting a change notice or revised Terms and Conditions on the Girl Director Academy site ( or by sending notice of such modification to you. Any such change by email will be effective on the date specified in such email and will in no event be less than two business days after the date the email is sent.

Finally and Very Importantly:

Any breach of these terms and conditions will be treated very seriously and may result in the termination of the participant’s membership to the program without refund and may lead to further legal action.

Last update: 7 August 2023

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